Interior Decor: Little Touches For Big Impact

Interior Decor: Little Touches For Big Impact

We are taking a brief intermission from our Interior Design Trends of 2021 series to introduce the newest member of our design family: Styld! Launched earlier this month, Styld is the hottest interior decor site to hit the internet since Silbermann, Sharp, and Sciarra launched Pinterest

The Styld concept has been in the works for a while. Owner Katie Alabison decided that there’s nothing like a global pandemic to make one take life by the horns and just go for it. Like many of us, Katie and her family have spent the majority of the past year in their home. With the pandemic, home has taken on an entirely new meaning. It has become so much more than a safe haven away from a crazy world. It’s become a school, an office, a playground, a social (and socially distanced) club. 

Katie realized that, like her, people have been living in close quarters with their home decor for more than a year. It’s like eating your favorite dish every meal of every day for a year. After a while you can’t stand the sight of it, let alone put it in your mouth (not that we’re suggesting you start eating your home decor). 

If ever there was a time to breathe new life into a space, it’s now. But these things require time and money to do properly and that is something many of us just don’t have these days.

Through Styld, Katie has made home decor accessible to everyone. By focusing her product offerings on key areas of the home, shopping Styld is incredibly easy. All items are sold in pre-bunded packages to ensure that Styld customers get the same classic designer look all put together for them without actually having to hire an interior designer.

Let’s take a quick peek at the collections currently offered on Styld (and maybe even get a sneak peek of a collection not yet launched).

Pillow Pairings

interior decor couch pillow bundleStyld Pillow Pairings are practically perfect in every way. Selected for their versatility, durability, and fabulous style, Pillow Pairings will fit in virtually any decor style. 

Take this stack of pillow plumping goodness. They would blend perfectly in a grandmillennial-designed home. If your tastes run more toward neutrals and natural materials, these would lend the right pop of color and texture to tie a room together.


interior decor shelf accessories bundle

From the playful name to the fun pieces in the Shelfies bundles, who couldn’t resist buying just one? Notice the different colors, materials, and textures that are used in the Styld Shelfies? The clean lines in the blue glass jar contrast nicely against the green globe cypress and grass hurricane.

The best thing about the Styld Shelfies bundles is the ability to mix and match the items in the collections as all the pieces work together. Style the bundles as packaged and at a later date, mix things up a bit. Pair the white coral candle holder to the right with the green cypress in the top photo, and maybe throw in one of the white boxes for some geometric contrast. Voila! 

Table Toppers

interior decor table accessories bundle

According to Katie, tables are one of the most overlooked areas when designing a room. Take the coffee table for instance. It is often in the center of the room. But what sits on it? Your coffee cup from this morning; maybe a toy abandoned by one child or another; or perhaps just a whole lot of dust. 

Imagine that same table—sitting proud and center in your room (and dust free)—with this gorgeous Table Topper. Talk about making a statement! This Table Topper drips with taste, screams luxury, yet is completely approachable. Don’t you just want to reach out and fiddle with the beads?

Perfect Pour

interior decor bar cart accessories bundle

The Perfect Pour bundle is a customer favorite! As the world begins to open up again and we can be the social creatures we were born to be, Perfect Pours are flying off the shelves.

Perfect for entertaining a select few guests, or sitting on the patio with your hubby sipping your favorite cocktails. Not a drinker? No worries. All of the Perfect Pours hold mocktails just as well as they hold alcohol. 

Sneak Peek (Mantel Makeover)

While not yet ready to be unveiled, Styld customers can look forward to one-of-a-kind Mantel Makeover bundles. Each professionally curated piece in these bundles will make your fireplace shine brighter. Be sure to check the Styld website often so you don’t miss out!

New Styld collections will be released seasonally to keep your home fresh and always in style. If there is a particular area of your house that needs to be Styld but isn’t currently one of the above collections, let us know. If your house follows a particular design theme that doesn’t quite fit with current Styld collections, let us know that too. Who lucky customer may even receive a free Styld bundle for their suggestion.

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