3 Tips to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

3 Tips to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

It seems rather ironic that, as temperatures get cooler, mother nature gives us the warm colors of fall. The breathtaking amber of the maple trees, the ocher of the oak trees, and the deep plum of the purple ash are our first signs that fall has arrived and winter is not too far behind.

As we say goodbye to summer and race headlong into cooler temperatures, it’s time to transition your indoors from summer to fall as well. A few simple, subtle touches will give your home that cozy fall feel.

Start at the Beginning

Styld Front Entry

The front entry is the perfect place to let your guests know that fall has arrived in your home. Spice up your door with a decorative fall wreath. Ditch your old doormat for one that says, “Hello Fall.” Create a full-on homage to fall with string lights along the porch rail, mums and pumpkins on either side of the threshold,

If your tastes run more simplistic--or you really enjoy the look of a lit pathway at night--pumpkin luminaries are so cute it’s scary!

Throws & Pillows For a Pop of Color

There’s nothing more satisfying than snuggling up on the couch on a crisp fall morning with a cup of coffee and a good book. Pulling out your favorite fall throws and deliberately draping them across your couch will add a pop of fall color and also make them convenient to grab on those crisp mornings. Adding pillows in complementary fall colors will bring the beauty of fall foliage into your living space. 

If swapping out pillows isn’t your thing, then perhaps sprinkling in some fall foliage is more up your alley. If prairie grasses grow wild in your yard, try snipping a few stalks and putting them in a vase. Adorn your grasses with pussy willow branches, bunches of fall leaves or mum stalks. 

Right now we are loving these stems from afloral. They are perfect to update the bundles you already own for the new season.

Rosary Pea Seed

Butterfly Blossom

Bring the Cornucopia of Outdoor Elements Indoors

There is no rule stating that fall decor must be purchased. The great outdoors can often be the best kind of store there is; and it’s free! 

Send your kids on an outdoor scavenger hunt to collect whatever items grow naturally in your area. Grab the last of the hydrangeas and place them in a tall vase (even dried hydrangeas can have beautiful fall colors). Pluck those pesky acorns from the grass and display them in a decorative glass bowl. Or just fill a big bowl full with bright red or green apples; always striking and can be updated as they get eaten. Top it off with some cinnamon sticks for that warm fall scent.

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