Design Trends for 2021

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While we would love to give you some insight into how this crazy year will play out, that’s a bit beyond our skill set. However, we can give some thoughts on trends you will see in interior design this year.

Interior Design Styles of 2021 Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

It’s only when you spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week at home that you realize just how old and worn your couch is. How bored you are of the paint color in your office. Or how your curtains are so last decade. You’ve had plenty of time to contemplate everything you want to change. With our insights and a few quick updates, you can achieve your vision in no time.

In this six part series highlighting the top interior design trends of 2021, we’ll focus on designs that meet the needs of our new normal. Thanks to the global pandemic, our homes are no longer a safe haven from hectic lives. Instead they are pulling double duty as offices, schools, playgrounds, battlegrounds, daycares, and those blessed Zoom happy hours. That’s a lot to ask from a house. It’s time to give back to a home that has provided more than just shelter for the past year.

Now let’s dig in and see how you can transform your home in 2021.

Like Peter Pan Collars and Polka Dots, Wallpaper Is Back

Wallpaper in Interior Design 2021

For decades, wallpaper has haunted the dreams of designers. Horrid patterns of galloping zebras and birds of paradise adorned homes of the 60s and 70s. The more outrageous, the better. If there was a flat surface—be it vertical or horizontal—it was likely covered in wallpaper.

Homeowners have spent the last four decades removing layers of gaudy wallpaper only for it to come back in style. The reason for this resurgence? It’s a relatively simple way to reinvent spaces. With advances in the product, today’s wallpapers are fairly easy to install and remove. We discuss more about wallpaper, its advances, and what it brings to the design table in Part II of this post.

Nature’s Neutrals Make a Splash in 2021

Au Natural is taking the stage in 2021. Sustainable materials are making a very eco-friendly mark on design, and we expect this to continue in the new year. Designers are focusing on natural materials such as bamboo, natural stone, cork, and pretty much anything that can be reclaimed. There is also a focus on repurposing old materials and making them new again.
Natural Materials in Interior Design

Bringing natural materials indoors, such as a rattan cocktail table or caned chairs, provides instant warmth to a space. Pairing them with colorful cushions in performance fabrics adds “fun” to function.

Repurposing materials (also known as upcycling) can also create really unique pieces for your home. If you’re a DIYer, upcycling can also turn into a fun family project. If you prefer to leave it to the pros, simply provide the inspiration and turn it over to your neighborhood handyman. Lacking inspiration? Instagram is a fabulous source for the uninspired! We cover this topic in more detail in Part III.

Dust Off Those Doilies; Grandmillennial Is Coming to Visit

Grandmillennial Interior Design<br />Photo Courtesy of One Kings LaneGrandmillennial isn’t just some made up term (well, actually, maybe it is). But it speaks to an up-and-coming design style that marries granny’s flowered couch with modern chic touches. The grandmillennial look is all about mixing textures and patterns in a way that represents the homeowner’s individual style.

This style is also where we’re seeing wallpaper come back into play. Grandmillennial incorporates dark, heavy furniture with busy upholstery and wall coverings, then adds an abstract art piece or a clean metal element for a modern touch. If done correctly, this design style should result in a space that provides comfort and security. Much like granny’s house did when you were young.

Want to know more? We cover everything grandmillennial in Part IV of this series.

Find Yourself in Your Furnishings

Working from home, wearing the same athleisure outfit day after day, showering infrequently; it’s easy to lose sight of who we were before the pandemic hit. Social isolation is playing a key role in this. Salvation can be found through design in 2021.

In an effort to reconnect with our pre-pandemic identities, an increase in self expression via your home design may take center stage in 2021. Focus will shift from what’s “on-trend” to “this is what I like.” There will be a move toward incorporating elements that speak to the individual; trends be damned.

Part V of this series will dive deeper into decorating to your own tastes. In the meantime, you may want to seriously consider that shower.

Virtual Backgrounds Come to Life

As odd as it sounds, virtual video conference backgrounds are playing a key role in today’s design. With the click of a button, individuals can virtually transport themselves to a luxury home in Sonoma or a Manhattan penthouse. Providers like LUXVT are making it possible for homeowners to test-drive interior design styles before taking the plunge.

Virtual Zoom Background Interior Design Photo Courtesy of LUXVT

In what other time has there been an opportunity to ‘try on’ an interior design style without some type of initial investment? Do you like how you look in front of a formal library full of bookshelves? Or is a clean, contemporary setting more your style? Think about it during your next virtual conference call and play around with the hundreds of backgrounds available.

If backgrounds are not available with your setup, consider staging and accessorizing the area behind you. It may not match the rest of your home but is a great way to try out a style before investing in a whole room. Be sure and look for Part VI of this series for more background-inspired design ideas.

We hope you’ll check back in with us as we explore the trends of 2021. 

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