Home Decorating: 3 Tips to Finding Your Design Style

Home Decorating: 3 Tips to Finding Your Design Style

In our six part series covering the Interior Design Trends of 2021 we’ve focused on the various design styles that are “in” this year. But what if you don’t like the grandmillennial style, or aren’t into wallpaper or natural materials? What if (gasp) you have your own unique style? Or worse, you had a style at one time but lost it somewhere along the way?

Half the fun of interior design is finding a style that brings you joy. To start you on the path to design revelation, we’re sharing with you our highly classified tips to finding your own unique design style. We’ve broken each design tip into a bite-sized chunk so you can easily digest the information, divest your house of the old and outdated, and let the decorating begin!

Tip #1: Find Inspiration From Others

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Have you heard the phrase, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” Nothing is truer when it comes to interior design. Heck, Pinterest was founded on the idea. So load up on interior design magazines, browse Pinterest, and follow your favorite celebs for a glimpse into their glam pads. 

We also love inspiration boards. Print or cut out images of your favorite rooms—or focus on select design elements within a room. As you look at your board as a whole, determine what the overall style is. Did you tend to select images of simplistic interiors? Are there more warm colors, or did you gravitate toward cooler tones? 

Not sure where to start looking? Start with Styld and Katie Alabiso Home Design for inspiration.

Tip #2: Use Travel As Your Ticket to Design

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Like everything else, travel simply wasn’t an option last year. People were mostly focused on hunkering down, staying healthy, and finding their ‘new normal’ (and a stinkin’ roll of toilet paper). However, as we return to pre-pandemic life most of us are looking forward to traveling again. 

Travel is fabulous inspiration for designing a space. The sights, sounds, and smells of a foreign land simply can’t be beat. Does this mean you should make your living room smell like a New York subway? Absolutely not! But those subway tiles...now they have potential. 

Think back to your most favorite vacation. What made it so special? Was it the bright umbrellas at an oceanside resort? Was it the flora and fauna of an African safari? Or perhaps the inspiration is a trip not yet taken. Sometimes it is as simple as a coveted memento that can inspire design. 

Tip #3: The Key is in Your Closet

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Few people realize that they wear their design style every day. Take a good, hard look at your favorite clothing items. Pay attention to the colors and textures. Are they mostly neutral? If so, you may prefer a neutral color palette for your home. Are your favorite clothes made with lots of color and bold patterns? If so, go for a similar look when choosing textiles for your home.

If you love bright colors and funky fabrics but are a bit hesitant to go all-in on your interior decor, start small. Try a bright accent wall (paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to cover over if you don’t love it). Another option is to go neutral with big-ticket items like furniture and rugs. You can then add your pops of color in the draperies, pillows, and other accessories and accents.

No matter which direction you take in your design style, the one true thing that matters is that you love it. When you enter your home after a long day, your home should envelop you like a warm hug from a close friend. After all, your home is your sanctuary, your sanity, and your safe space from a crazy world.

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